Corridor Concept

Eric pfeiffer laserdrill2

Final painting

Eric pfeiffer corridor object notes

This call out sheet shows the major 3d elements I modeled and added to Dan's mesh.

Eric pfeiffer basemesh

Dan's original model.

Dan's final work! "Engine Room 4" Really love how this came out. Glad I was able to help out.

Corridor Concept

This project was a collaboration with my friend and former colleague Daniel Brown. ( He approached me with a base mesh he was looking for help with finishing the design for. The first hurdle was applying a narrative to the mesh he provided as a way to provide consistency and purpose behind the design.

The amount of cables read to me as a way of funneling a large amount of power to an isolated source. With much of the cables being on the outside of the architecture it looked to me as though they were added after the original construction was completed in an emergency attempt to re-route additional power.

This brought me to the idea that this could be a room on a large ship that uses powerful lasers to cut away at the icy planetary surface so that it can pass through. I could imagine the crew scrambling to gather more power so the ship doesn't come to a grinding halt.

This was fun working on! We'll see where Dan decides to take it next.