Initial Microsoft MR Meeting Spaces

Eric pfeiffer collabspace coastal dunes
Eric pfeiffer collabspace dubrovnik city
Eric pfeiffer collabspace japanesegarden
Eric pfeiffer collabspace foldedarch
Eric pfeiffer collabspace foldedarch2
Eric pfeiffer flux goldenhour
Eric pfeiffer flux goldenhour2

Minimalist, paper-craft direction. Special thanks to Dan Brown for building these assets.

Eric pfeiffer floor pathwaysgrahpics concept
Eric pfeiffer preview render target 3
Eric pfeiffer lifesize concept
Eric pfeiffer darkenviro wideshot2

Floating light idea for our nighttime variant.

Eric pfeiffer flux roughnessoverlay

Pillar Texture

Eric pfeiffer dark enviro

floating crystal lanterns.

Initial Microsoft MR Meeting Spaces

These were some very early, rough concepts for Microsoft for our first look into how people could collaborate and work in Mixed Reality. Given that we had some hardware limitations with the Hololens we decided on a very minimalist design approach.

I went with this large, open area with giant reaching fragmented pillars that could also act as a way to judge scale. Scale is difficult to perceive in VR so having a structure in place that could act as a reminder of scale and give the user a strong sense of direction was very helpful for us.